NITE 2020 – Foxton

NITE 2020 – Foxton – January 3,4,5 – NZRC 40th Anniversary Celebration


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NITE Entry 2020 – update to teams

NB – the ‘flag race’ mentioned in the update is actually the ‘Two Flag Race’ in the rule book.

We are very pleased and excited to be running NITE  in 2020, and organisation is already well underway.  Our club has a special connection to NZRC with regards to the 40th anniversary, as one of our very long-standing club member’s father was a founding member of NZRC, and therefore we chose this special year to run NITE.  As part of this celebration, we are planning some Saturday night entertainment!  More information on this to come.

Please find below entry form and information for NITE 2020.  This year as a part of NZRC’s 40th celebration, we are running an extra jumping event on the Sunday – Team Formation Jumping.  This has been approved by NZRC as a trial event.  Below are the rules and a diagram of the event.  We have also uploaded a video of the pony club version of this event so you get an idea of how it works.  Note that the jumps in the video are 80cm, whereas ours will be at 60cm.

Click here for entry form:  NITE Entry 2020

Click here for Teams Formation Jumping information:  ; Event-3F-Team-Formation-Jumping-Rules.pdfEvent-3F-Diagram.pdf

See below video of Formation Jumping;

We look forward to seeing you all in Foxton next year!! Please keep an eye on this page for any updates.


  • The games for NITE will be – bending; can race; flag race.
  • An update flyer will be emailed to all clubs who have entered after the entry closing date of 9 November.


For any enquiries regarding NITE, please email us at